At Briowireless our clients are the real heroes and their needs and requirements have shaped our motto;

Innovate for today’s needs, designed for tomorrow’s possibilities!


With this in mind, we have created the new generation of wireless connectivity hardware; The BitPipeTM IoT platform.


The BitPipeTM IoT platform. platform is designed to easily integrate wireless connectivity into your solution and printed circuit board (PCB).


Once you’ve integrated us in your design, your solution will become multi-networks compatible.


Weather you need 2G, 3G cellular connectivity in some area or to access LTE, 802.11 or LoRa networks, the BitPipeTM IoT platform. provides the ability to insert the module that best meet your needs.  We call these modules the BitPipe family.


The BitPipeTM IoT platform. with BitPipe family gives you the flexibility you need to adapt your solution quickly and accelerate your time–to-market.