By working together, you can focus on what you do best!

Launching a successful IoT solution is challenging and involves integrating many intertwined moving parts. You have the option to get us involved from the time your project is just an idea to launching your product around the world!

Through our symbiotic relationship with Brioconcept, we can help you design your IoT solution, integrating multiple technologies including our own and assist you manufacturing your product.

We ca provide you cellular connectivity data plan on most networks around the world as well as SIM management.

We can also help you manage your devices with a secure and robust device management platform.

Our market approach offer, called The Briowireless IoT Platform, combines: hardware, software, cellular connectivity and professional services.

We believe it’s an outstanding Turnkey Solution for any IoT project.


Briowireless IoT Platform


Cost Effective IoT Development & Deployment


Faster Time to Market!

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