Who We Are

Briowireless Inc is the proud offspring of the combined results of a decade of knowledge and experience of innovative engineering firm Brioconcept Inc. After multiple engineering projects in the IoT space, David Fromont and Sylvain Ainsley, co-owners of Brioconcept, knew that if they would focus their expertise to create cost effective best of breed products, in an exploding market, they would have a recipe for exponential success. It is then that they decided to pair up with Eric Janosz, B2B veteran and IoT expert, to create a new venture Briowireless.

What We Do

To simply put it, we are removing barriers to entry for IoT Solution Developers and accelerate their time to market.


David is a serial Entrepreneur driving success in tech firms for more that a decade (Brioconcept, Vision Circuits, Embrionix). He is also president and co-owner at Brioconcept. A fast growing and profitable engineering firm that he built from the ground up employing now more than 50 team members. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree and a M.B.A. at HEC. David has over 15 years’ experience of business development and management in the high tech industry. He is known for is unwavering integrity and as a leader that overcomes challenges by taking calculated risks and working with his team.
Is a senior sales and business development leader backed by an acute expertise in consolidating multi-disciplinary teams to achieve mutual goals. In the last 30 years of his career, Eric has been both a serial Entrepreneur (Multi-Vision doors & windows, eCommania, Data Telecom Mobile) and an Intrapreneur (TELUS, ROGERS). Holding both a programmer’s degree from CDI College and a certificate in logistics management from York University, Eric has a distinctive view on how to maximize and sell technology in business. He is known for his in-depth knowledge of the IoT industry and increasing sales through multiple sales channels. Eric is dedicated towards positive customer experience, building successful teams and partnerships.
Sylvain, also co-owner and VP Technology at Brioconcept, has an extensive experience in electronics and drives the team of engineers and designers to excellence through the realisation of high complexity and high speed electronic designs. He is actively implicated in Brioconcept’s most challenging projects, leading the system architecture and critical project management. He holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics and almost 20 years experience in hardware design.